I dreamed that one day I would learn to play the cello and so at 53 years old I took up the challenge. I am so fortunate to have found Colin Matthews as my cello teacher! Colin is an example of the best that a music teacher can offer. He is continually learning new approaches to teaching and has expanded his teaching to fit my needs as a student. Through his relaxed and encouraging approach, Colin has helped me accomplish much more than I expected! 
- Dawn Reiss
I pride myself on an ability to help my students to be unguarded about being guarded. 
" Since 2008, I have been studying with Colin. Having him as a teacher has helped me grow as a musician. He is very kind and caring. Colin has made playing cello a fun and positive experience. In just 5 short years, I went from learning to hold a cello to playing in the Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra."

- Simon Kidson

"... A compassionate teacher, Colin has also shown a real dedication to developing our son's musical abilities. His passion and love for the cello is evident to all his students and we are grateful to have had him as a positive role model for our son, both as a professional musician and as a person. "
 - Catherine Kidson

Having studied in my teens at a performing arts high school in the USA, I was hoping to find a cello teacher in Halifax who could bring the same vitality and excitement to studying music. Colin has definitely been a professional and imaginative teacher who has supported both my transition to a new instrument and my growth as a musician. I am so excited to be pursuing my cello training with Colin

- Ailsa Keppie

I came to Colin with a lot of technical difficulties. He helped me to correct my bad habits and to develop a solid technical base that I could build on. But, more importantly, he helped me to develop my musicality, my passion and my confidence. A great influence on me and truly a great teacher!

Nicole MacDonald   studied with Colin from 1999-2005. In 2005 she went to Montreal to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialization in Music Performance at Concordia University. She is currently teaching cello with Sistema New Brunswick and playing whenever she gets the chance. 

"I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker,
And I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker,  
And in short, I was afraid."
T.S. Eliot  -The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock
Call me, maybe 902-430-3980
I always wanted to play cello so I decided to give it a go a few years ago.   Colin makes lessons so enjoyable that they have ended up to be the highlight of my week.  Lessons may be a bit of an understatement though, as the hour is way better therapy than you can find with any therapist.  Weekly classes with other students of all experience levels are great fun and laughs with a hugely supportive community.   I just can't say enough positive things about Colin...if you are even slightly considering taking cello lessons....give him a call....you won't regret it.

-Michelle Muise (2018)
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