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About Colin Matthews
     After musical studies at Dalhousie and McGill Universities, Colin continued on with a career as both a Chamber Musician and Orchestral cellist. He has played with numerous ensembles including L’orchestre Symphonique De Laval, the Thunder Bay Symphony, and the Kingston Symphony (acting principal cellist and soloist). He has appeared as a chamber musician and solo cellist at such festivals as The Ottawa Valley Chamber Music Festival, and "New Music in New Places". He was also invited to be a guest performer for the The Scotia Festival of Music. Colin has been recorded  in film scores, CBC radio broadcasts and two new 
CD's produced by "New Music North" and Gatto Dolce respectively. In 2000, after a 15 year absence, Colin returned to Halifax where he is now the head of a vibrant cello studio as well as being the cellist for the Duo "Gatto Dolce and a member of the Basso Nova ensemble.  Mr. Matthews was also the cellist for the critically acclaimed hit stage production "The Satchmo Suite". 
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Recording at the music room.
Double click here to add text.On tour at the Manitoba Theatre 
On tour at the Manitoba Theater House.
"Music is the shorthand of emotion."
Leo Tolstoy 
Delusion for solo cello by A. Carastathis performed by 
Colin Matthews
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