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2011- Blissestrasse Alexander Sextus ltd Directed by Paul Donavon (Film score)
2008 “First Recording” CD for New Music North
2007 Duets for Cello and Bass-Gatto Dolce Duo
2005 "On the Road With Mary" Produced and Directed by Monique LeBlanc Production Agency NFB (Film score) 
1998 "Peter and Margaret"-CD with Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra
1997 "Never Again War" Documentary produced by UNESCO (Film score)
1996 "Symphonic Magic"- CD with Kingston Symphony
"You are the music while the music lasts."
 - T.S. Eliot
    Colin Matthews and Max Kasper first met over 25 years ago while both were students in the National Youth Orchestra of Canada. After a decade of playing in different parts of the country Colin and Max found themselves living in Halifax where they started reading duets for fun. These readings evolved into being more serious once both musicians discovered the potential of this combination. Their debut concert was at Bearlys House of Blues and Ribs. Since then Max and Colin have played in many places around the province, including the Octagon, the Lillian Piercy Concert Hall and the Music Room. They have completed their first CD: "Duets for Cello and Bass", and future plans for the ensemble include a music video as well as a second CD featuring contemporary art music written specifically for them.
Halcyions for Oboe, cello and piano by A. Carastathis
Played by: Colleen Gibson oboe, Colin Matthews cello and Derek Oger piano. 
Murray, the Gatto Dolce CD label model
My Music
"Stunning excellence as a cellist. Colin is the real deal and a wonderful person to work with."
 Hans Boggild - Writer Director
Allegro from Sonata 2 by W. Croft
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